February 3, 2011

Photos inspire Durbin movie scene

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In an article dubbed "Speaking of Pictures," from February 19, 1940, Life Magazine argues that movies should be more complex and realistic. The magazine showcases its preference with a number of movie stills which were directly influenced by life in general and Life Magazine photos in particular. The article displays the movie stills next to their candid inspiration.

One of the film frames is taken from the Deanna Durbin vehicle, It's A Date (1940). Durbin plays an aspiring actress practicing at summer stock. Above her photo is that of a real life acting class. The caption reads in part,
The opening page of a picture essay on summer theaters ... so impressed Universal's Producer Joe Pasternak that he duplicated it for Deanna Durbin's new movie...."

These photos are another taste of the ever-present Durbin brand - here she's used as one random example in a full article about how movies should be made. Deanna Durbin of the 1930s and 1940s was an extraordinarily popular and familiar figure in everyday life.


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