December 5, 2010

"Three Smart Girls" (1936)

The three smart girls of the title are adorable teenage sisters - played by Deanna, Nan Grey and Barbara Read who live in a lovely European lake house with their mother (Nella Walker). One day they read in the newspaper that their estranged father (now living in New York as a prominent investment banker) plans to remarry. So the girls travel across the pond to find him - and break up the relationship with his gold-digging girlfriend (Binnie Barnes) so their parents can be reunited again.

The fun of the movie is watching the girls' crazy schemes. Lots of screwball hijinks.

Co-starring Charles Winninger as the father, Alice Brady, Ray Milland, and Mischa Auer.

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  1. Tom! It's Lara, from the Olivia and Joan page! My goodness, you have a Deanna Durbin page too! Ok, you're not going to believe this, but I have a Deanna Durbin connection, too. Well, not me per se, but my family. My grandmother was best friends with Deanna Durbin in the late 1930's/early 1940's. There was a bit of an age difference between them, but they lived across the street from each other and were quite close. My grandma moved away when she divorced her husband and she and Deanna lost touch, but I've often thought of writing her and telling her that I'm Genevieve's granddaughter. I wonder if she remembers her! I regret to say that I don't have any Deanna stories, because my grandma died before I was born--this information all comes from my dad and I'm not sure if he has any stories. But I'll ask him!

  2. Swell! If your grandmother lived by Deanna, I wonder if any photos of them together exist. That's a neat connection.