July 30, 2010

Summer 2010 magazine (Films of the Golden Age) features cover story on Deanna

The Summer 2010 edition of Films of the Golden Age features a colorful poster from Spring Parade , plus a 16-page article on Deanna Durbin filled with photos and movie poster artwork (the magazine is printed on newsprint so it's all in B/W)

The article features insight into why Deanna has chosen to stay out of the spotlight for so many decades (Deanna is not interviewed, but one of her previous interviews is discussed).

Unfortunately, the magazine is rather hard to find in book stores; "Border's" and "Barnes and Noble" probably will not have it. I know of only one place around me that carries it, at a newsstand (in Chicago) that specializes in carrying hard-to-find magazines.

Also, you might be able to order a copy on the magazine web site: http://www.filmsofthegoldenage.com/ (note: the site has not been updated in months)

Don't worry, though, if you can't get a copy right away. I am planning to write some reviews and post some excerpts from the article in the days to come.


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