April 30, 2013

Deanna Durbin (1921-2013)

Variety has reported the passing of Deanna Durbin [Read Here]

The New York Times remembers her as the "plucky" movie star of the Depression era [Read Here]

Goodbye, Deanna


  1. I've only just read the news in the New York Times.
    - Java

  2. I was surprisingly sad to hear. I hoped shed go on enjoying her retirement for ever. I loved her songs

  3. This news hit me so hard because she is my favorite singer. I was just listening to some of her songs a few minutes before I read the news. I've never felt so sad at the passing of a Hollywood star. Goodbye Deanna, I hope to see you in heaven where maybe I can hear you sing in person. J. Richmond

  4. Rest in peace Deanna.

  5. I really thought Deanna would go on to reach 100, so I'm really shocked to hear the terrible news.

    I'm so glad that her movies and songs will remain to bring her fans happiness and also to remind us what a God given talent she had.