November 17, 2012

Coming in December to the Stanford Theater: the complete films of Deanna Durbin

According to the calendar of film screenings at Stanford Theater in Palo Alto, California, the Stanford will be showing a collection of Deanna Durbin films.

Details are not available yet; the calendar only announces that staring in December we can expect "The Complete Films of Deanna Durbin", so it sounds like all 21 of her films will be shown throughout December 2012, to coincide with Ms Durbin's 91st birthday.

I wish I lived close enough to attend them all. The Stanford has to be my favorite movie theater ever; it's like stepping back in time to another era.

Visited the Stanford earlier this year, but I don't think I'll be able to go in December. 


  1. Full program listed on the site now. I saw my first Durbin films last year when the Castro showed Christmas Holiday and Lady On A Train. I thought they were both terrific (especially Christmas Holiday) and Durbin's range as an actress remarkable. I wish I could hop on the train to see every film at the Stanford, but I'll have to pick and choose. I'll definitely go to see Christmas Holiday again, especially since it's paired with a film directed by one of my all-time favorite autuers Frank Borzage. What else would you recommend I prioritize as a curious newbie?

  2. Hi Brian, thanks for the information! If I had to pick only one day to make it to Stanford, I would choose the day they are showing Three Smart Girls and 100 Men and a Girl. Those are my next two favorites after Lady on a Train, and I would recommend those as essential viewings next!

  3. Excellent! I was going to send you the link. You've already got it.