June 13, 2010

New release date for DVD pack: June 30

According to the TCM website and Movies Unlimited, the release date of the 5-pack DVD set has been pushed back to June 30 for unknown reasons.

The collection is to include:

Mad About Music | That Certain Age | Three Smart Girls Grow Up
Because of Him | For the Love of Mary


Description from the Turner Classic Movies "Vault Collection" site:

Universal's beloved singing sensation receives the full star treatment with this five-disc set. In "Mad About Music" (1938), vain movie star Gail Patrick decides she wants to forget about daughter Deanna Durbin, so she sends her to a Swiss boarding school. Songs include "I Love to Whistle." Then, smitten with journalist Melvyn Douglas, teenager Deanna ignores former beau Jackie Cooper until Douglas sets things right, in the romance "That Certain Age" (1938). Songs includes "You're as Pretty as a Picture." "Three Smart Girls Grow Up" (1939) offers Durbin as a young woman getting tangled up in her sisters' love affairs. Songs include "Because" and "The Last Rose of Summer." Then, eager for a shot at Broadway stardom, would-be actress Deanna works to become the protege of veteran stage star Charles Laughton, in the comedy " Because of Him" (1946). And, in her final film, "For the Love of Mary" (1948), Deanna plays a White House telephone operator who gets help from her unseen chief executive boss in straightening out her romantic problems. 7 3/4 hrs. total. The five-disc set includes "Mad About Music," "That Certain Age," "Three Smart Girls Grow Up," "Because of Him," and "For the Love of Mary."

Price: $49.99 (US Dollars) "Not Available In Stores", per the TCM Vault Collection site---it's available now for pre-ordering from TCM or MOVIES UNLIMITED (same price)


  1. Had no idea they were releasing one. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Sure no problem. I don't know why they delayed the release date. Oh well.